Truth about Sotogrande International School

I am a objective bystander of the situation at SIS, I do not even live in the same continent as you. What is going on at SIS is deplorable, and whether or not I believe any of it does not matter, what does matter is that I will not stand for internet censorship. The fact that they censored the blog makes this all the more believable, so, without further blathering, I will re-post the original blog page and hand control of this blog to Venom. I will have you know (for those of you who work at sis and are, shall we say, vertically challenged in the man area? That I have put this on a dedicated server, and it is in no way censor-able,  so have fun trying.)


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The truth about PAUL TEMPLETON, the owner of Sotogrande International School


Greetings to all,
I am a former associate of SOTOGRANDE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, and would like to anonymously reveal the dishonest nature of the school , and in particular its owner PAUL TEMPLETON(, the owner Sotogrande International School. He is one of the biggest sons of whores I have ever met,for the lack of a better word.I apologies for my poor English, as not giving away too much , I am not a fluent speaker.

I know that before he was registered in Gibraltar to try not to pay taxes in Spain, but really had a home in Sotogrande. But now I know more.He has a non-governmental charity organization, called “The Kindred Project” ( registered in Gibraltar tax haven, although its activities are conducted in Spain and Uganda, and is likely knowing that the same man who was previously registered in Gibraltar to try not to pay taxes.Why else would he conduct a charity that operates in SPAIN and instead has a NON FOR PROFIT charity in Gibraltar , one of the worlds most notorious TAX HAVENS .
There is no reason of absolute nature to why the KINDRED PROJECT to be registered in a taxhaven other then the obvious.PAUL might say that is is easier to be registered in Gibraltar, or some other stupid lie, but the truth is that he is using the KINDERED PROJECT to hide his fortunes and not pay taxes.

Knowing him he probably also has FUNDACIONES(I dont know how to say it in English) in order to fool Spanish tax authorities.

Non for profit charities in Gibraltar are infmous by taxcollectors in Spain for being hard to collect income from Gibraltar, making any real account of the money kept there impossible.So even if he does publish a financial accounting of the NGO, it would be impossible to see how manipulated the published accounting is.
Even IF the Kindred Project wasn’t a massive tax haven(which it is), its creation would still be for incredibly false intentions.The man who earns tens of thousands doesn’t really care about Uganda or Morocco.If he did, he would pour thousands into helping those communities. It’s well known by staff that he owns at least 8 other companies other than the school, so why bother with Rice Days and musical concerts that students and parents engage in?
He also raises price of school for alleged “maneuvers to facilitate and increase school” year after year,that almost never happen.The school has one of the most highest prices for schools in Spain.( this with the year before, and I guarantee it will further increase as long as he has elite clients willing to buy the certificates and IB diploma off him until eventually no one can afford his price.(
And for those who thinks the prices are justified for running such a big school, think again.In reality all the extra profit the school gets goes to HIM, as the school is not a nonprofit school.
Also must say that he often takes huge bank loans taken in the past, seriously putting Sotogrande International School future in jeopardy many times.

The way he managed to get into the school is simply astonishing.
He originally began as a consultant , then school principal and then eventually Chairmen of the Board(becoming the de facto owner of the school)
However for many years the school grounds was not his to begin with, but were SOTOGRANDE SA until SOTOGRANDE SA remained almost bankrupt, so SOTOGRANDE SA sold PAUL TEMPLETON the properties at a cheap criminal rate.

Thanks to the intelligence and good administration of PAUL , the school has had 4 different school principals in just 5 years.And most new staff members leave within 1 to 2 years at most.

In general , we the members of the staff are overworked and under payed.Most of our breaks were dedicated to work and work alone, whether that be doing our job or correcting student work.
Oh, did I mention he is an adulterer?Well, when his wife was in and out renovating his for a while tax free house ,with an added floor,he was in and out with another woman that is much younger then him.He ended up leaving his wife(lucky woman) for said young gold digger.Great move.
In time I will reveal more about Copito de Nieve and his school.I will also talk more about the HACK system known as the IB system, and potentially revealing more about my former workmates and the conditions we worked in.
Regards and I hope you spread the truth,
PS If you are a parent or student and are disgusted at what I said, do not hesitate for a moment to switch schools, unless you wish to continue to support a complete and total asshole of a owner.I highly suggest you show this blog to your parent if you are a student,to to switch your child’s school if you are a parent, or to get a new employer if you are a teacher.