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We Need Coffee

We do things that you might see someday

At the moment we are a small group of 30 or so people, we do group activities, and a few projects now and then.


Check it out eventually

Penguin Nation

Late 2017-Early 2018 (beta up at Penguins.coffee

Penguin Nation is a private server being made due to the closure of club penguin.

SFTAS floating isles


SFTAS floating isles is a AArcade server, it will use the new Redux version. More details soon

Creativerse World

Available here!

We Need Coffee Creativerse World is a open world for the free game Creativerse


On hold

Convergence was a advanced custom minecraft modpack, it is on hold until interest resurfaces.


Need to contact us?

The Internet
Skype: live:daleth_(twenty seven (_27))
Discord: Daleth#(nine four 71(9471))